Our Programs


summer school

Running the ' Pilot Summer Activity Scheme ' service for the two previous years with plans to continue in summer 2018 for the year. Ultimately it would be ideal to gain government subsidy for this scheme to reduce the cost and make it more accessible to all parents in the area. The following chart shows the finances of running the service. The municipality has provided two classrooms and the facilities at the Junior school free of charge. 


project smile 

The Autism support Famagusta association ( REG No 4211 ) was founded in 2013 with the purpose os supporting both local and foreign Autism societies / Autistic individuals. This will be achieved by combining with autism expertise and innovation by implementing project SMILE.  Project SMILE involves the building of an Autism Centre in Ayia Napa Cyprus, which aims to host , support and educate both parents and individuals on the autistic spectrum. 

The set up of the Autism Centre comprises of 2 stages :

  • a Community and outreach base for Stage 1 
  • the Residential Centre for stage 2 

 Based on the architectural designs along with a feasibilty study undertaken in 2016 , the projects cost is expected to yield a 5 year return on investment. 

We believe that the demand for a specialised centre in the heart of the mediterranean tourist market, will not only supply sufficient services to cater for the domestic society , but will also utilise a new market segment of tourism ; Incorporating families with members on the autistic spectrum. 

Overall our goal is to offer help and support to families to deal with the daily challenges of autism. 

With your guidance and finacial support , we can make a small yet big change in the autistic world. 

Below is a detailed description of the projects milestones and financials. 


outreach service

We also deliver an outreach service supporting children at home either when parents want a break or have other specific needs. Trained staff  are available at specific times  and dates in order to assist families to attend family functions or appointments . eg Christenings , Weddings , Special occasions   etc.  There is a lot of strain  for families  with autistic children to be able to function within  society.