Autism Support Famagusta was formed by Parents and Friends of People with Autism Spectrum the Famagusta area. 



our mission

To provide high quality facilities which are based on ethical and inspiring opportunities for children and young people with Autism.

To expand our existing, Pilot Summer Activity Scheme (established for one month in Aug 2015) - which provides a structured  environment and activities     during the long school break, run by staff who are trained in Autism approaches.

 Develop a small residential 'home In society " for young people of 21 years old to support the transition from Child to Adult - and from Family Home to         greater independence. With this scheme we aim to include a respite care facility.

To provide a 24 hour service which provides Day  Activities  according to individual interests and skills.

To include  Families and Individuals in development of Person Centered plans and Approaches.

My concern is later in life when my husband and i wont be around anymore. My Autistic son has brothers and sisters and although they have expressed there will to “ care” for there autistic brother it is not there responsibility.
— Parent Comment

As a parent with an Autistic child making holiday plans was always a strain.”
— Parent Comment

What We've Achieved

  • Ran a summer school for the past 3 years in support of parents who still have to work during August. 
  • Provided trained staff to care for children with autism in support of parents in of help. 
  • Delivered an outreach service supporting children either when parents want a break or other specific needs.  
  • Supporting siblings after parents have died where siblings have not been in a position geographically or finically to take on this support role.  
  • Organised a number of teaching training  seminars.